Learn one or two rules of soccer to play well

Football is the most famous sport to be played in different parts of the world. The number of people playing and watching is massive and outstanding. Football is also known as soccer in some parts of the world. This is a team game, and two teams compete to score more goals to win the game. 

This is a very competitive and physical game; thus, there are chances of violence. Thus, the rules and regulations were needed to continue the match properly without any fights or violent cases.

FIFA is a short name for Federation Internationale de Football Association, is the main authority or regulating body of football rules in the world. This body makes the rules, and it regulates and ensures the smooth ongoing of football in all the countries of the world.

Basic Rules And Fouls In Footballsoccer game

  1. The first rule states that all players can use their feet, chest, and head to hit the ball. Touching the ball with the hands is not allowed. The only player who can touch the ball with the hand is a goalie or the goalkeeper.
  2. It has the rule of offside. The offside rule means that it is necessary to have a defender between the attacker receiving the ball and the goal post. The offside is given if, at the time of hitting the pass by the attacker’s team player, the attacker is found to be ahead of the line of defense.
  3. A player is not allowed to commit a serious offense on the opponents’ players; otherwise, he will receive a yellow card. A yellow card is a warning which is shown to a player who has committed serious foul play. If he continues with the foul play, he receives the red card, which is match dismissal. In addition, the player is sent off the field for the rest of the match.
  4. If a player commits a serious foul inside the penalty box, the opposing team gets the penalty shoot. The penalty box is a limited area for the goalkeeper to use his hands near his goal post.
  5. The fouls can also result in the free-kick from the place of the foul. The free kicks are of two types indirect and direct ones. The direct one means you can hit the ball towards the goal without any help from another player. But in an indirect free kick, you need to have a touch of a player to hit the ball. While taking the free-kick, the other’s team player cannot block the ball standing before the distance of 9 meters. They have to give the space to the attacker to take the shot at free-kick.

Basic Game Play And Field Of The Football

The game is played in a rectangular field, around 100 meters long and 40 to 50 meters wide. The ground has two goalposts at two opposite ends and has a limited area rectangular-shaped near each goal. This area is called the penalty box, and the goalkeeper cannot use his hands to catch the ball beyond this box.

The whole football game is for 90 minutes and is played in two halves each of 45 minutes. After the first 45 minutes, the players get approximately 15 to 20 minutes to restart the game. Each team should have eleven players in the playing team and have the rest on the bench for substitution.

There is one referee inside the field, which keeps control and keeps track of all the fouls. Two referees are given the duty to watch the offside foul.

Things You Should Remember While Playing Footballsoccer match

It does not matter whether you play professional football or in a park. You should hydrate yourself regularly. Takes frequent breaks as football is a very energy-absorbing game, and you would not want to hurt yourself while doing that.

Also, use the proper protective measure to play football. It is a dangerous game that can cause serious injuries if you do not wear any protective equipment such as shin pads.

Do not play the game without a proper warm-up, as without warming up, you could hurt your muscle, which will negatively affect the game. Warming up stretches all of your body muscles and protects them from instant stress, which could benefit the individual.

Thus, you can get started with the game by learning all the required skills and rules to play the game properly, which will improve your game a lot.

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