How to do Cricket Betting?

We all always heard about cricket betting in life and also that it is illegal. In the betting of cricket, many places are there like online betting applications, bitcoin, and punters. So in this article, we will talk about it.

First of all, who is a punter – punter is those who bet, in the match of cricket. Punters are also known as bettors. Many times or you can say mostly punters lose money in betting and sometimes or as per the analysis many punters are in debt approx. 65%

What is the reason for this debt and losing money? This thing mostly happens for the new punters so if you are new keep these tips in mind.

  • Always try to play the same match and also add some limits.
  • Try to lose weight.
  • When you are drunk then never bet.
  • If you are in debt then don’t play.
  • Only play when you have extra money.

Have you ever heard about the odds in cricket?odds in cricket

If we talk about the general language, odds meaning is bhav of cricket. There are three types of odd rates.

The first one is online betting sites – odds – like for India it 1.80 and for the Pak, it’s 2.00

The second one is European like India 2/3 and for Pakistan, it’s 2/1

Let me clear this thing with a simple example.

For South Africa, the odds are 2.30 to win the match and it means you place 1000 INR for South Africa, if this country will win then you will get in return 2300.  The stake is rs 1000 and the profit is rs 1300.  You must have to know about the cricket rate before betting.

In the betting of cricket one more word you must hear, Lagai Khai. What is the meaning of this language?

For example, if you bet on England and it’s win then you can say Lagaya on England or if the other country like South Africa wins then it’s mean England khaya.

If we talk about it in simple words then Lagana means supporting your team and khana means that supporting you is a non- fav team.

Making a profit before a match is possible?profit

Let’s assume a match between India & Pakistan, we all know that India has a strong team in comparison to Pakistan.

So India is our favorite country 20-22 and India will win the match at 1.20 then Pak will play first or batting is first.

Let’s say there is a match of India vs Pakistan in Which India is strong & favorite.

At Start, India is the favorite 20-22 P or you can say India wins the match at 1.20. Pakistan is batting first.

If you think that today’s PAK will score well so you place your bet on PAK with 20P, then if India wins you will face the loss of 20k, and if PAK wins then you will earn the profit of 100k. So these are some basic oddities of cricket.

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