Know the rules of tennis and the tennis courts

Tennis or lawn tennis is a game famous in the whole world and is known as one of the best racket games. This can be played individually and in a doubles format.

This is an exciting game that anyone can play for fun and enjoyment. However, any sport needs certain rules so that one can play it in a proper manner. The International Tennis Federation, or ITF, is a body that makes the tennis rules and regulates the tournaments that happen in all the countries throughout the world.

Any individual can learn the skills that are required to play tennis at a professional level. This sport has a massive fan following, and many people watch the games and tournaments happening throughout the world.

About Tennis Courtstennis courts

Tennis is played on a rectangular-shaped court. The court can be made out of different materials according to the place and the tournaments.

The court’s standard size that is recognized globally is 78 feet long and 27 feet wide for single players matches and 78 feet long and 36 wide for doubles matches. The court has a net stretching through the width, dividing the court into two halves.

There are different types of courts that you can find in different places, such as the hard court, clay court, and grassy court.

Clay Court – the clay makes the pace of the game slower. As in clay court, you will see that ball will travel at a slow pace after bouncing back from the clay. Thus, the players need to hit harder to win the point with the maximum power in their smash.

Grassy – as the name suggests, the court is made out of natural grass and is a fast court. The grass courts are often challenging to play as the court can sometimes be uneven. In this court, the player needs to be careful regarding the judgment of the bowl after bouncing back on the grass court.

Hard Court – The hard court can be made from different surface materials such as wood, concrete, asphalt, and Astroturf. You can say that hard courts are the most common type of courts found across the globe. This court is suitable for playing tennis with more control over the ball and the shots, which is an advantage.

How Can You Play Tennis?

The main objective of the player in tennis is to score more points than his opponents. The player can score the points if he hits the ball over the net, and after bouncing back to the court in the other half, the opponent cannot hit the ball. There are three sets in lawn tennis and the first player to win two sets wins the match.

The rackets used in tennis have a web of strings and a solid frame to give it support. The ball used in the game is not so heavy and is suitable for the game. You will find the courts in many clubs or the stadium to play. You can go there and can have fun playing it. This game is also good to remain in shape and building endurance and stamina.

Rules Of The Game

  • The player cannot stop the ball and carry the ball on his racket.
  • A player can hit the ball only once, and he cannot hit the ball multiple times over the net to the opponent’s half.
  • Players will get a score only when the ball lands in the court of the opponents’ half in the bounded region.
  • The players are not allowed to touch or cross the post to the other court’s half.
  • The player cannot hit the ball with another part of the body rather than the racket.
  • It is compulsory to serve to make the ball land in the opponent’s half in the serving area given. A serve should bounce first in the other half before reaching to the other player.
  • A player can hit the ball only when it is in his court. Therefore, he should wait to ball the cross the net into his side’s court.

How Points System Score?tennis points

The point system in tennis goes from 0, 15, 30,40, and then the next point is the winner. This point system means that if a player scores a winner at the starting of the game, he will get 15 points and after that 30 and then 40 and so on.

If both players have tied up the score at 40 points, then any player who scores consecutively two points wins the game.

This is how scoring works. Tennis is a very competitive game that needs the game’s learning and regular practicing to become successful.

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